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A photo of the top half shows smiling Christian, the Supertuscany's founder, with his dog, that looking at the camera; below is another happy Italian friend's couple in front of their house.The photo has a realistic style
Silhouette illustration of the rolling hills of Tuscany with cypress trees and a distant farmhouse
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Passion • Honesty •
Professionalism • Trustworthiness

Super Tuscany is the brainchild of Christian Ferrara, an impassioned Italian living in America, who desires to share the passion, the zeal, and the intoxicating allure of his homeland, Tuscany, Italy. What he envisions is not just a vacation but a journey—an adventure that beckons you to immerse yourself in the timeless embrace of Tuscany's culture, unfolding the classic "la dolce vita" experience, where every moment echoes the rhythms of local Italian life.


Meet Christian Ferrara, a 47-year-old entrepreneur, a native son of Italy who transplanted himself to the hustle and bustle of New York a decade ago. His roots in hospitality sprouted from an innate love for food and wine, and the joy of sharing these pleasures with others. In 2019, after becoming an American citizen and building an impressive career, he found himself at a crossroads. While tempting offers to explore new horizons beckoned, his heart remained steadfast in the area of hospitality, leading him to the creation of his own company.


map of Italy on old brown grunge paper.jpg
Vintage-style map outline of Italy on a textured background

Working with many customers, through the hospitality industry, Christian would often be asked for recommendations, advice, and to be told stories about Italy. During these conversations, his guests confessed they desired to travel to the region and get to have a more authentic experience, such as he spoke about. They craved authenticity—to witness the wonders with their own eyes, to absorb the essence of Tuscan culture, to wander through the living tapestry of art and architecture, to traverse hills painted in postcard-perfect hues, and to savor the local wines, essentially, to live life as a local Italian.

Hence, Super Tuscany was born. During a recent visit to Italy, he shared the concept of his project with all his hometown friends. All born and raised in Italy, now all professionals in different industries, such as wines and food, hospitality,and tourism, they form a group of 25 friends. United by a shared passion, culture, and vision, they form an artistic ensemble, collaborating to craft an experience tailored for you.

Our recipe is elegantly simple, yet potent—infused with passion, honesty, professionalism, trustworthiness, and an authentic love for people and hospitality. When you embark on this journey with us, you're not just a customer; you become a cherished friend for life.

Image by Jarno Cobbaert
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