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Wines & Culture


From $600 (it depends on the activities requested)


Flexible (Minimum 2 people)

Embark on an enriching journey as you explore the exquisite charm of medieval cities and partake in an exclusive vineyard tour guided by our seasoned Italian wines expert. Tuscany, renowned for its diverse and splendid wines, promises a delightful tasting experience that will captivate your senses with each sip.

During your expedition, our knowledgeable wine expert will lead you to select local food establishments, providing an opportunity to savor the delectable offerings of Tuscany's street cuisine. Additionally, should you opt for it, the wine expert is available to accompany you to renowned restaurants, where you can indulge in the authentic flavors of traditional Tuscan recipes.

Included on the price: Italian snack/panino with some refreshments and a lunch in any of the popular restaurant along the way (3 courses lunch with a glass of wine), plus a wine tasting with small bites.

Included also a street food experience (food and drink) at the dinner time.

Private professioanl Italian guide/ wine expert


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